makahlen hiser

Makahlen Hiser

In the fall Makahlen is looking forward to beginning her senior year at Eastwood. She is the
daughter of Dawn & Daniel Mackay She is kept busy with her memberships in FFA, National
Honor Society, and Track and Field. She is also involved with the annual Eastwood musical. This
summer she held part time employment, and attended Buckeye Girls State. Upon graduation from
Eastwood, Makahlen plans on furthering her education at a four year school.


emily hoodlebrinkEmily Hoodlebrink

This fall Emily will begin her senior year at Eastwood after having traveled to Spain,
France, and Italy this summer. She is the daughter of Mike and Jackie Hoodlebrink. She is
a member of the International Club, Student Council and works part time. Following
graduation from Eastwood, Emily plans on enlisting in the Coast Guard.

hannah shafferHannah Shaffer

The fall of 2017 will find Hannah beginning her junior year at Eastwood. The daughter of Sharon
& Kell Shaffer, Hannah finds herself busy with many activities. She is a member of the Eastwood Band, and is an avid photographer. Other organizations that benefit from her generosity are the B.G. Food Pantry, Pemberville Recycling, as well as the vacation Bible School program at her church. Hannah also enjoys writing. After high school she plans on pursuing Forensic Psychology.

leigh snyderLeigh Snyder

Leigh is the daughter of Tom & Kathy Snyder and this fall will begin her senior year at Eastwood High
School. She is kept busy with her memberships to Key Club, People Inc., National Honor Society,
Student Council, and Co-Captain of Varsity Golf. She is a leader of the youth golf clinic, and is also a
member of the Troy Township Fire & EMS Explorers. Upon graduation from Eastwood, Leigh plans to attend a four year college to study Fire Science, and aspires to be a collegiate golfer.

Pemberville Free Fair Royalty Contest Rules 

1. Contestant MUST be an incoming freshman or older and a resident in the Eastwood School District.
2. Males and females may participate.
3. Deadline to show intent to participate will be May 15th prior to the fair.
4. Tickets being dispensed will be counted and signed for at the time they are dispersed.
5. Tickets will be dispersed to only the contestant or a parent/guardian.
6. Ticket count attendance is mandatory! Ticket counts are held monthly.
7. All tickets sold MUST be turned in at each ticket count. Unsold tickets must also be brought to ticket count for verification purposes.
8. Each contestant is financially responsible for every ticket dispersed. Lost or unaccounted for tickets will be charged to the contestant.
9. The final ticket count will be held on the Monday evening prior to the start of the fair.
10. Commission will be paid as determined by the Pemberville Fair Board.
11. Commission checks will be presented at the recognition ceremony on Wednesday of the fair.
12. DRESS CODE: As a royalty contestant, you are representing yourself and the Pemberville Free Fair. A modest appearance is required when selling tickets and attending the fair. If you need clarification, please see Kara or Kate.
13. Each contestant will be required to sell tickets for a period of one hour during the fair. Times will be scheduled at the final ticket count.
14. Participation in the Saturday parade is MANDATORY and there will be ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CELL PHONE USAGE DURING THE PARADE.
15. The winner is required to pull the winning 50/50 raffle ticket on Saturday evening at 11:00pm.







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